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NSI-MI Technologies has an extensive history in the development of innovative antennas for precision antenna test and measurement applications, as well as other wireless applications. NSI-MI antennas are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory by our talented staff of antenna design engineers with decades of experience. Our antenna products and services fulfill the needs of numerous markets, including the military and defense, aerospace, automotive, satellite communications, and wireless industries.

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Broadband Horn Antenna

It is suitable for a wide variety of applications that require stable antenna performance over extremely broad frequency bandwidths as high as 15 to 1.

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Broadband Ridged Probes

NSI-MI offers broadband ridged probe antennas for use as spherical near-field (SNF) measurement probes and far-field (FF) range illuminators.

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Quadridge Horn Antenna

The Quadridge Horn Antennas are high performance dual linear polarized horn antennas suitable for a wide variety of applications that require stable antenna performance over broad frequency bandwidths.

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Focused and Aligned Parabolic Reflectors and Waveguide Feeds

Each product in this family consists of a weather sealed waveguide horn with a radome cover.

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Log-Periodic Antennas

The ANT-LPA Family of Log-Periodic Antennas are dipole arrays designed to have nearly constant gain and input impedance over a broad frequency range.

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Dual Polarized Log-Periodic Antennas

This antenna combines broadband coverage with the versatility of dual polarization. The ANT-DLP family consists of two crossed log-periodic arrays, specifically designed for VHF and UHF frequency bands.

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Standard Gain Horn Assemblies

Standard Gain Horn Assemblies are available to cover the frequency range from 0.35 to 170 GHz. NRL curves are provided with each antenna.

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Standard Gain Horns

Standard Gain Horns are used in antenna test range applications, and have been designed to deliver accurate and reliable antenna gain measurements.

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Coax-to-Waveguide Adapters

NSI-MI Technologies' Coax-to-Waveguide Adapters (ANT-CWA ) offer a convenient transition between waveguide and coaxial transmission lines.

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Linear Polarized Feeds

The ANT-LPF Linear Polarized Feeds offer a complete line of linearly-polarized high performance feeds covering frequencies from 0.75 to 110 GHz.

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Dual-Polarized Feeds

The ANT-DPF feeds combine a high performance broadband orthomode transducer with precision circular waveguide feeding a circularly symmetric waveguide aperture.

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Waveguide Probes

NSI-MI Technologies’ open-ended waveguide probes are ideally suited for near-field measurements. These probes are used to sample the radiated electromagnetic field of an antenna under test while minimally perturbing the incident field.


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