Compact Range Reflectors

The Compact Range Reflector (CRR) product line continues AMETEK NSI-MI's heritage and leadership in the design, fabrication, integration, and delivery of compact range test systems.

NSI-MI Compact Range Reflector
NSI-MI Compact Range Reflector
NSI-MI Compact Range Reflector
NSI-MI Compact Range Reflector

Each compact range reflector we design is made to exacting standards for optimum illumination and field uniformity. The reflector’s main body is the structural backbone of the composite assembly and provides the structural integrity. The serrated or rolled edges are fabricated of lightweight materials reducing the unit’s overall weight. All NSI-MI reflectors have a life expectancy exceeding 20 years.


  • Focal lengths from 0.8 m (2.5 ft) – 14.6 m (48 ft)
  • Achievable frequency range of 0.35 – 200 GHz
  • Modular design is easily configured
  • Superior thermal properties

Offering three optional feed layouts: center fed, corner fed, and side fed, NSI-MI's Compact Range Reflectors allow the most flexibility for your test range design. Standard CRR offerings have serrated or rolled edge treatments. Custom models are available and typically include specially sized reflectors or edge treatments to address specific electromagnetic requirements. NSI-MI Technologies can provide dual reflector compact range systems, portable compact ranges, and other creative solutions to meet customer requirements. We have also delivered compact ranges with quiet zones up to 11.56 m (38 ft) wide.



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