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Anechoic Range Design For Electromagnetic Measurements

Anechoic Range Design For Electromagnetic Measurements

by Vince Rodriguez

This book provides guidance on the proper design of indoor ranges for RF antenna measurements, explores the important aspects of specifying the range or resources needed in a development program, introduces analysis of existing ranges to determine their suitability for performing specific test that a user of the range may require...

Recent comments:

  Very Well Written Book
"This book is exactly what I needed. It covers many topics and each chapter is very well organized so they can be read independently. It is an excellent guide for both new and existing measurement ranges."

  A Must Have!
"Excellent text for specifying requirements for new ranges and analyzing existing ranges. This book covers a wide range of topics from Antenna Measurements, RF Absorbers and RF Shielding to Far-Field, Near-Field and Compact Range Measurements. A must have for anyone involved in anechoic range measurements."

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Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements

Theory and Practice of Modern Antenna Range Measurements

by Clive Parini, Stuart Gregson, John McCormick and Daniël Janse van Rensburg

This book provides a comprehensive introduction and explanation of both the theory and practice of all forms of modern antenna measurements, from their most basic postulates and assumptions, to the intricate details of their application in various demanding modern measurement scenarios.

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Near-Field Antenna Measurements

Near-Field Antenna Measurements

by Dan Slater

Near-Field Antenna Measurements shows you how to calculate antenna gain, pattern, and beam pointing faster and more accurately than ever before. Emphasizing practical solutions to real-world problems, it presents a detailed technical overview of the theory and practice of antenna near-field measurements.

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Microwave Antenna Measurements

Microwave Antenna Measurements

Third Edition

An antenna is a device for accomplishing a transition between a guided electromagnetic wave and a wave propagates n free space. This book is concerned with measurements of the properties of antennas which operate in the microwave region of the spectrum.

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