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Spherical Near-Field

NSI-MI provides the most sophisticated software in the industry for measuring and analyzing antenna patterns. The software is compatible with nearly all measurement equipment in the industry and is constantly updated to support new motion controllers and RF equipment. The software is dedicated to solving the unique challenges of microwave range operation and management. The intuitive user interface, extensive scripting capability and broad data management functions give power and flexibility to solve the toughest measurement challenges.

Currently, NSI-MI offers two software packages: Arena and NSI2000. Both support data acquisition and processing. In addition, they can exchange data and process each other’s files. Many of the common features of the two packages are:

ARENA / NSI2000 Features

Planar Near-Field Measurement and Post-Processing
Cylindrical Near-Field Measurement and Post-Processing
Spherical Near-Field Measurement and Post-Processing
Far-Field Measurement and Post-Processing

Various Plotting Modes:
  • Rectangular and Polar Graphs
  • Image and Contour Surface Maps
  • 3D Virtual World Plots
  • Listings
Gain/EIRP Calibration functions
  • Path Compensation
Post-Processing Analysis:
  • Gain, Directivity, Beam Pointing, Beam Width, Sidelobe Level and Location
  • Pass/Fail Analysis
  • Coordinate System and Polarization Selection
  • Reference Polarization Selection: Linear and Tilt Angle or Circular
  • Test Zone Analysis
  • EIRP
Error Correction Schemes
  • Multi-Path Reductions
  • Multi-Z Processing
  • K-Correction
  • Thermal drifts
  • Scripting/Batch Processing

Specialized Software

Each software package also brings unique features as shown below.

Test Zone Analysis Software
Motion Tracking Interferometer
RCS Analysis
Radome Analysis
Time Domain Analysis
Ground Plane Data Simulator
Spiral Scanning
L3 Data Acquisition
Scripting IDE with User controls

RF & Motion Drivers

Our software packages support all NSI-MI motion controllers and RF equipment as well as most third party equipment. For a complete listing of supported drivers, please click on the link below:

Arena Drivers list
NSI2000 Drivers list


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