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  • Numerical Study of the RCS of Pyramidal Absorber Geometries

    Abstract—There have been a number of numerical analyses of RF absorber. These however, tend to focus on the reflectivity of the material not on the radar cross section (RCS) that it presents. Brumley studied the RCS of RF absorbers as a way to estimate the background RCS of anechoic ranges [1]. The study was done empirically, doing measurements of the RF absorber, and looking at the RCS of different pyramids, with and without paint. Brumley presents some potential ways of improving the RCS signature of the range thus reducing the background RCS of the site. In this paper the suggestions presented by Brumley are revisited. Read More
  • Numerical Analysis of Techniques to Improve Oblique Incidence of Absorber

    Abstract—Financial impacts often drive decisions to repurpose existing ranges instead of procuring new measurement facilities. These existing ranges have fixed geometries (height, width and length) that were set when the range was originally constructed and often are designed for a different purpose. The inability to set the geometry precludes the range designer from using the range geometry to improve measurement performance. Read More
  • Using High-Accuracy Swing Arm Gantry In Spherical Near-Field Automotive Measurement Systems

    Abstract—Spherical Near-Field (SNF) systems using a swing arm gantry configuration have been the “go to” solution for automotive measurement systems. Recent advances in the automotive industry have warranted a need for SNF systems with high mechanical positioning accuracy supporting measurements up to 40 GHz and beyond. This paper presents the design and implementation of a new swing arm gantry positioner having an 8-meter radius and a radial axis to support high frequency SNF measurements. Read More
  • Test facility boosts UK space industry

    National Satellite Test Facility to provide the space industry with climatic, vibration, EMC and antenna testing capabilities in a single UK location for the first time. Read More
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Multi-Axis Positioning System

Multi-Axis Positioning System

Satellite Testing in a Compact Range

Satellite Testing in a Compact Range

Spherical Near-Field Arch System

Spherical Near-Field Arch System

Planar Near-Field XY Positioner

Planar Near-Field XY Positioner

Outdoor Far-Field System

Outdoor Far-Field System

Radome Testing in a Compact Range

Radome Testing in a Compact Range

About NSI-MI Technologies

NSI-MI Technologies is a company deeply embedded in developing RF and Microwave Measurement Solutions by delivering systems and products to customers operating in the areas of Aerospace, Satellites, General Defense, Missile Defense, Automotive and Vehicle, Wireless and EMC. Customer product cost and productivity are key to the Customer’s success as well as NSI-MI’s success. We apply 65 years of experience and developed expertise in microwave technologies, electromagnetic propagation and mechanical system design to provide RF/microwave measurements, systems and products for aerospace, defense, wireless communications, and transportation industries worldwide.

NSI-MI Technologies is the preferred global supplier of antenna, RF and microwave testing equipment. From world class in-house testing facilities to delivering industry leading turnkey systems, we have the right solution for you.

Our expansive team of renowned technical experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality engineering solutions and advanced products for a wide range of technical applications where precise measurement, motion control and data acquisition is required. Our vast line of products also allows us to offer solutions for production line or general automated component testing.

We apply our expertise in microwave technologies, electromagnetic propagation and mechanical system design to provide complete antenna test systems for aerospace, defense, wireless communications, and transportation industries as well as academia and research institutes.

Test with Confidence™ at NSI-MI Technologies.

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