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NSI-MI Technologies offers its world class test facilities for use to industry, government and educational clients. NSI-MI’s industry leading equipment and instruments are available to support your specific requirements. Our measurement facilities, combined with our expert staff of engineers can tackle any unique test needs with precision and accuracy. Our facilities are A2LA accredited and our equipment is calibrated with NIST traceability providing you with the assurance that we can accurately and consistently characterize your antennas, radomes and other devices.

NSI-MI A2LA accredited


Time & Materials

Calibration Services

Guarantee consistent and reliable results by calibrating antennas with NSI-MI Technologies' Test Services. We are A2LA accredited and fully comply with ISO 17025:2005 standards. All calibration results are also traceable to NIST. Nothing but the best equipment available is used for antenna calibration.

Accredited to ISO 17025:2005 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation for the following:
  • Antenna Gain Calibrations between 0.5 – 60 GHz
  • Gain based on ANSI C63.5 and IEEE STD 149
  • Antenna Pattern Testing between 1.7 – 60 GHz
  • Pattern Measurements – based on IEEE STD 149
  • Radome Transmission Efficiency – based on DO-213A



Consulting services offered by NSI-MI Technologies similarly utilize our industry experts. We open lines of communication for accessible, transparent discussions in analyzing, troubleshooting, and solving problems that arise both before and during the measurement testing process.

  • Custom Test Plans
  • Design & Fabrication of Mounting Fixtures
  • Custom Automated Scripting
  • Reflector Focus & Alignments
  • Antenna Design Consultations

Turn Key


Turn-key testing involves NSI-MI’s experts completely defining the test plan, performing the testing, and providing test reports of the findings with analysis as specified by the customer.

  • Includes ALL necessary Test Facilities, Test Equipment and Test Engineers
  • Expertise in Analyzing Measurement Solutions
  • Custom Test Plans
  • Data Analysis and Reports
  • Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Custom Fixture Fabrications

Time & Materials

Time & Materials

For time and materials testing services, the customer provides the test plan and performs on-site direction, while NSI-MI Technologies provides the test range, test system operator and resulting test data.

  • Quality Equipment and On-Site Experts
  • State-of-the-Art Ranges Housed at our Headquarters
  • Dedicated Test Engineers
  • Test Plans Defined by Customer
  • Ideal for Customers who need to Modify Antennas after Testing

Compact Antenna Test Range

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Our multi-purpose chamber houses a compact range and measurement system capable of testing antennas, radomes and other devices up to a 6 ft (1.8 m) diameter.

Combo Near-Field Range

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Our Combo Near-Field Range is a multi-purpose chamber that provides the capability of Planar Near-field (PNF) antenna measurements, Cylindrical Near-field (CNF) and Spherical Near-field (SNF) measurements.

Spherical Near-Field Range (ATL)

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The Spherical Near-Field Test Range located at our office in Atlanta measures 15' x 20' x 15' in size. This test facility is generally used for accurate pattern testing of directive antennas less than 6’ (2m) in diameter.

Spherical Near-Field Range (LA)

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We have an antenna test chamber dedicated to Spherical Near-Field measurements at our office in Los Angeles capable of low-frequency measurements down to 300 MHz.

High-Frequency Spherical Near-Field Range (LA)

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Located in Los Angeles is our High-Frequency Spherical Near-Field test range. This system extends the frequency range of our testing services up to 110 GHz and beyond.

Calibration Range

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The Calibration Test Range is a general purpose 20' x 30' x 15' anechoic test chamber. Typical frequencies of operation are from 1 to 40 GHz. Typical antenna sizes tested in this range can be as large as 6’ (2m) depending on test application.


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