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Today’s military and commercial aircraft carry a vast array of antennas for specialized and vital functions. Communications, navigation, weather and fire control antennas must perform as specified to meet safety and mission requirements. Radomes must conceal and protect antennas without interfering with or degrading transmit/receive capabilities.

Commercial Radome Test Systems

  • Highly accurate and repeatable results
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Scalable system allows for future expansion
  • System software generates automatic test results
  • Test system supports all current radome sizes
  • Most affordable system on the market today
  • Guaranteed test results that meet or exceed RTCA/DO-213A

Pattern Distortion Analysis

Military Radome Test Systems

  • BSE & TE can be measured simultaneously in One Complete Radome Scan
  • NSI-MI supports either Electronically calibrated antenna or null search BSE test method
  • Data post processing and reporting in test positioner Roll/AZ coordinates or aircraft EL/AZ coordinates
  • Antenna oriented within radome as it would be on aircraft
  • Integrated Position Controller's coordinated motion used to ensure that the radome/antenna polarization relationship is the same as that seen in use on the aircraft, and so that the feed polarization is coordinated with the AUT as needed to maintain polarization alignment
  • Typical test time for simultaneous BSE and TE is about 1 hour for the calibrated antenna approach
  • BSE & TE measurement at multiple frequencies are accomplished in one radome scan without manual intervention
  • Full suits of pattern distortion data collection and analysis

Boresight Shift Analysis


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