Spherical Near-Field Vertical Arch Measurement System

Spherical Arch Measurement System
Spherical Arch Measurement System Spherical Arch Measurement System Spherical Arch Measurement System


Model: SNF-ARCV-2.4

The spherical near-field vertical arch measurement system is an ideal solution for measuring radiation characteristics of non-moving antennas which does not require a full hemisphere coverage and can not be tested using the planar near field technique. The stationary AUT is revolved by three axes of motion. An arch frame continuously rotates in the phi axis at speeds up to 12 revolutions per minute. The theta axis carriage carries the measurement probe through 115 degrees of travel along the arch frame, with a linear slide providing precise real time radial adjustment. Proprietary error correction technique is used to further enhance its global accuracy.

The versatile system is suitable for advanced phased array & general purpose antenna testing.

  • Features

    • Stationary AUT
    • High positioning accuracy & repeatability
    • Radiation pattern testing of stationary antennas
    • Moving arch provides accurate probe motion from 0-115 degrees in theta
    • Rotary positioner provides 360 degree phi rotation of arch
    • Automatic electronic alignment capability
    • Three-dimensional dynamic on-the-fly probe position correction
    • Multi-beam, multi-frequency control of RF subsystem
    • NSI-MI data acquisition and processing software

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