Spherical Near-field mmWave Measurement System

Spherical Near-field mmWave Measurement System


The Spherical Near-field mmWave Measurement System is the latest NSI-MI development to measure stationary mm-Wave on chip antennas and is well suited to applications above 10 GHz. It uses a multi-axis high accuracy stepper motor based positioning system to move the probe on a spherical surface while the AUT remains stationary. The system is large enough to incorporate RF converter modules from OML and VDI as part of the probe carriage assembly and maintain a probe tip radius of roughly 20" (500 mm). The mm-Wave modules are exchanged to cover the relevant frequency bands, leaving the rack and cabling portion of the RF sub-system intact, making for a very modular and upgradable test system. All positioners contain integrated RF rotary joints to maximize cable phase stability during testing and the Phi-axis positioner also contains a slip-ring assembly.

  • Features

    • Scan Area 360° Phi and 360° Theta (Practical limits are set by the user)
    • External adjustable limit switches allow the user to set fail-safe limits to protect RF equipment or AUT fixturing
    • Polarization stage included
    • No AUT motion
    • 10 - 500 GHz FF frequency coverage
    • Far-field measurements capability
    • Spherical Near-field measurements capability
    • Holographic back projection capability
    • Motion Controller with angular structural correction capability
    • High accuracy positioners

    Phi: -135°; Theta: -135°
    Phi: -135°; Theta: -135°
    Phi: 135°; Theta: 90°
    Phi: 135°; Theta: 90°
    Phi: -90°; Theta: 60°
    Phi: -90°; Theta: 60°
    Phi: -0°; Theta: 0°
    Phi: -0°; Theta: 0°

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