Spherical Near-Field mmWave Measurement System

Spherical Near-field mmWave Measurement System


Model: SNF-FIX-1.0

The SNF-FIX-1.0 is ideal for measuring stationary mmWave on-chip antennas and applications from 10 GHz up to 300 GHz. It uses a multi-axis high accuracy stepper motor driven system to position the probe on a spherical surface while the AUT remains stationary. The system is large enough to incorporate RF converter modules from OML and VDI as part of the probe carriage assembly and maintain a probe tip radius of roughly 500 mm (20 in.). Individual mmWave modules can be swapped to cover the relevant frequency bands, leaving the rack and cabling portion of the RF sub-system intact; thus making for a very modular and upgradable test system. All positioners contain integrated RF rotary joints, maximizing cable phase stability under test as well as slip-ring assemblies in the Phi and Theta axis positioners.

  • Features

    • X-band to mmWave Measurements
    • 3D Far-Field, Holographic & Near-Field Patterns
    • Measurement Sphere up to 1.0 m diameter
    • Stationary AUT
    • Automatic Alignment Capability
    • High Accuracy & Position Repeatability
    • Far-Field Measurement Options Available
    • Low Cost & Portable

    Phi: -135°; Theta: -135°
    Phi: -135°; Theta: -135°
    Phi: 135°; Theta: 90°
    Phi: 135°; Theta: 90°
    Phi: -90°; Theta: 60°
    Phi: -90°; Theta: 60°
    Phi: -0°; Theta: 0°
    Phi: -0°; Theta: 0°

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