Roll over Azimuth Scanner Systems

Roll over Azimuth Scanner System Roll over Azimuth Scanner System Roll over Azimuth Scanner System


Roll over Azimuth Scanner Systems are ideal systems for measuring medium and low gain antennas up to 118 inches (3 m) in diameter and is ideally suited to perform cellular and PCS band base-station antenna testing. They use dual-axis roll-over-azimuth high accuracy stepper motor based positioning system with an adjustable extension foot for probe support. The system is constructed of modular high strength aluminum and can support loads of up to 1000 pounds (454 kg). The location of the probe is adjustable to accommodate different configurations.

  • Features

    • Full 360° x 360° coverage
    • X-band to mmWave Measurements
    • Automatic Electronic Alignment Capability
    • Far-field, Holographic and Near-field Patterns
    • Far-field Measurement Options Available
    • Optional encoder and slip-ring assembly for Azimuth stage


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