Large Cylindrical Near-Field Scanner Systems

22' (6.7 m) Cylindrical Near-field Measurement System


Large Cylindrical Near-field Measurement Systems are ideal for measuring broad beam (azimuth) antennas with apertures less than fifty twp feet making them ideal for testing stacked linear arrays, cellular and PCS antennas as well as higher frequency antennas with larger apertures. The scanners consist of a vertical probe tower with up to a 52’ (16.0 m) travel, high capacity stepper motor based azimuth positioner, control computer, software and cabling. The high capacity probe carriage can accommodate probes as WR1500 including optional roll and translation stages.

  • Features

    • 360° x 18’ (5.5 m) to 52' (16.0 m) Cylindrical Scan Area
    • High Accuracy Y Linearity <0.004” (0.10 mm) RMS
    • Precision Rack and Pinion Drive
    • L-band to mmWave Measurements
    • 5,800 lb. (2,636 kg) load capacity Az positioner
    • Far-field, Near-field and Holographic Patterns

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