8-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System

8-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System
8-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System 8-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System


NSI-MI Technologiesʼ 8-Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System (RAMS) is ideal for measuring antennas up to 2.4 m x 1.2 m (8 ft x 4 ft). It is well suited to perform testing of high, medium and low gain antennas, since it offers PNF, CNF and SNF capabilities.

The RAMS uses a 6-axis precision robotic arm that acts as Y-axis for PNF & CNF and Theta-axis for SNF acquisitions. It also incorporates a small (500 mm diameter) rotary positioner that is used as a Phi-axis for CNF and SNF acquisitions. This positioner can support AUT loads of up to 4,500 kg (10,000 lb). Lastly RAMS also uses a precision linear translation positioner that is used as an X-axis for PNF acquisition and robot repositioning.

  • Features

    • C-band to mm-Wave frequencies
    • High accuracy positioners
    • Automatic electronic SNF alignment capability
    • Complete 3D characterization
    • Far-field, Holographic and Near-field patterns

    2D Laser Scanner Safety System

    Safety is a high priority for NSI-MI for both personnel and hardware. Robotic systems require an extra level of hardware safety due to the vast range of motions available. A number of accessories are available that provide additional levels of test article and operator safety. These accessories include LIDAR light curtain system. The LIDAR system is used to establish a “light barrier” between the scanning robot system and the test article. If the barrier is crossed, the system immediately shuts down. Multiple LIDAR modules can be coupled to create complex joined surfaces to fully enclose the object. The LIDAR sensors operate independent of the measurement system and provide an additional level and assurance.


    • Infrared Beam (non-visible light)
    • 270° FOV, 4 m range, 10 mm beam spacing at 2 m
    • By implementing multiple spinning lasers, a keep-out volume is defined
    • Allows definition of arbitrary keep-out zones
    • Advantage over traditional light curtains: no receiver required

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