Near-Field Systems

As pioneers in the field, AMETEK NSI-MI is the world leader in near-field measurements. We pride ourselves in delivering the best near-field systems on the market, engineered with state-of-the art technology that has been honed from decades of knowledge and experience. Paired with our proprietary RF subsystem, our near-field solutions are optimized for accuracy, speed, and frequency versatility, and capable of advanced error correction techniques. Our systems are available in a full range of standard configurations, as well as can be customized to your specific application.

Vertical Planar Scanner Systems

Vertical Planar Near-Field Measurement System

Our planar scanner line ranges from portable, tabletop configurations, to large precision scanners used for satellite or radar antennas.

Small Vertical Planar Scanners
Medium Vertical Planar Scanners
Large Vertical Planar Scanners

Horizontal Planar Scanner Systems

Horizontal Planar Near-Field Measurement Systems

Horizontal scanners incorporate a next generation, precision closed-loop servo drive system and a highly engineered structure.

Small Horizontal Planar Scanners
Medium Horizontal Planar Scanners
Large Horizontal Planar Scanners

Cylindrical Near-Field Scanner Systems

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NSI-MI’s cylindrical scanners are well suited to testing fan beam, cellular base-station, stacked dipole arrays, and antennas that have broad azimuth and narrow elevation plane patterns.

Small Size Scanner Systems
Medium Size Scanner Systems
Large Size Scanner Systems

Spherical Near-Field Scanner Systems

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NSI-MI offers a wide range of spherical near-field antenna measurement systems of various sizes and configurations. Whether your requirements call for a moving or a stationary AUT, we have one that will fit your needs.

Roll over Azimuth Systems
Swing Arm over Azimuth Systems
Stationary AUT Systems
Arch over Azimuth

Combination Near-Field Systems

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NSI-MI offers systems ranging in size from tabletop designs to large precision systems for a wide variety of applications, such as aerospace and defense, commercial, wireless, automotive and many others. Our systems are available in a wide variety of standard configurations as well as being easy to customize to your specific application.

Multi Axis Robotic Antenna Measurement System

Pre-Configured Near-Field Systems

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We offer economical, pre-engineered systems suitable for most applications and testing needs. Our turnkey solutions are designed for straightforward assembly, in either an anechoic chamber or open facility, depending on the type of system and test application. In many cases, these systems can be delivered and installed in less than one day.

PNF 0.9 x 0.9 meters
PNF 1.5 x 1.5 meters
PNF 1.8 x 1.8 meters
SNF 0.7 x 0.7 meters
SNF 1.3 x 1.3 meters


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