Far-Field Systems


Far-Field testing can be accomplished in either outdoor or indoor configurations. The most common far-field test ranges are outdoor facilities. In an outdoor far-field range, the test antenna is installed on the test positioner located on a tower, roof or platform outside the instrumentation control room.

The receiver front end (local oscillator) is usually located at the base of the test positioner with the mixer connected directly to the test antenna port. This configuration requires only a single RF path through the positioner greatly simplifying system design.

NSI-MI Technologies is a leading supplier of test and measurement instruments, products, systems and software for all near-field and far-field configurations.

Central to all NSI-MI Technologies test and measurement systems is the Data Acquisition and Measurement System and optional software packages for acquisition, planar, cylindrical or spherical analysis.

Indoor Far-Field

Indoor Far-Field

Outdoor Far-Field

Outdoor Far-Field


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