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Antenna measurement techniques have evolved over the years. NSI-MI offers all types of antenna test ranges to address our customer needs. Since its beginning, the business has compiled an impressive array of test and measurement technology firsts including:
  • Commercial Spherical Near-Field Measurement System
  • Fully Automated Antenna Measurement System
  • Automated Commercial Planar Scanner
  • Commercially Available Compact Range

Pre-Configured Systems

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If accelerated delivery schedules or budget constraints are driving your purchasing decision for an RF measurement testing solution, we offer economical, pre-engineered systems suitable for most applications and testing needs. Our turnkey solutions are designed for straightforward assembly, in either an anechoic chamber or open facility, depending on the type of system and test application. In many cases, these systems can be delivered and installed in less than one day.

Compact Range Systems

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Compact range reflector-based systems offer users all the advantages of far-field configurations but with the convenience of environmental and security control.

Radome Measurement Systems

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Today’s military and commercial aircraft carry a vast array of antennas for specialized and vital functions. Communications, navigation, weather and fire control antennas must perform as specified to meet safety and mission requirements. Radomes must conceal and protect antennas without interfering with or degrading transmit/receive capabilities.

Near-Field Systems

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NSI-MI Technologies is the industry leader in providing turn-key near-field antenna measurement systems with hundreds of systems delivered worldwide.

Far-Field Measurement Systems

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Far-field testing can be accomplished in either outdoor or indoor configurations. The most common far-field test ranges are outdoor facilities. In an outdoor far-field range, the test antenna is installed on the test positioner located on a tower, roof or platform outside the instrumentation control room

Target Simulation Systems

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NSI-MI Technologies designs and manufactures specialized motion simulation systems to precisely simulate the movement of physical entities for use in virtual reality trainers and testers and for physical testing needs. We specialize in the areas of Aerospace and Defense enabling simulation for missiles, decoys and more.


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