Arena Drivers

Receivers/Power Meters/Network Analyzers
MI 750 Receiver The MI-750 Receiver can employ internal or external LO sources
MI-1797 Receiver Requires DAC and DAC SW Driver or MI-788 NAC and NAC SW Driver
Keysight 440X, 444X, 9000 Spectrum Analyzer
Keysight 506X or 5071C ENA No source driver required
Keysight 8300 Series PNA: (8356A, 8357A, 8358A, 8361A, 8362B, 8363B, 8364A)

New PNA series 522X
PNA-L series
PNA-X and PNA-X Microwave Receiver
No source driver required except for PNA-XR. Consult factory for specific model support. The Keysight PSG/MXG sources are also supported as an external sources and/or LO for the PNA. Remote mixing configurations and pulse mode operations are also supported.
Anritsu 37000 Series Network Analyzer
Rohde & Swartz ZVA or ZVB No source driver required
Anritsu 2437 or 2438 CW Power Meter Single frequency only
Anritsu 2495 or 2496 Pulse Power Meter Single frequency only
Keysight 1913 or 1914 Power Meter Single frequency only

MI-3101, 3102, 3103, 3104, 3105, 3106, 3111, 3112, 3113, 3114, 3121, 3122 Sources DAC/NAC hardware trigger compatible
Keysight 8257 (PSG) Source Can work with the Keysight PNA as an external source.
DAC/NAC hardware trigger compatible
Keysight 518X (MXG) Source Can work with the Keysight PNA as an external source.
DAC/NAC hardware trigger compatible
Anritsu Model 369X Sources DAC/NAC hardware trigger compatible

Position Controllers
MI 419X Position Controllers Requires HSBCD option to record positions during data collection
MI-710C Position Controllers Buffers position data internally
MI 7112S Single, Dual or Triple Axis Position Controller Only for Sunol low dielectric positioners

Position Controllers
MI 4190 High Speed BCD output option Required for MI-419X systems when position data recording is required
Generic BCD Position input For customer supplied BCD position data that conforms to NSI-MI Technologies HSPI interface

Data Acquisition Co-Processor Required for all system that include a Data Acquisition Co-Processor. Required for use of the MI-1795 Receiver. Optional (no NAC) for MI-1797 Receiver.
MI-788 Networked Acquisition Controller and MI-789 Auxiliary Controller Required for systems that include an MI-788 or MI-789
Keysight 8110X Pulse Generator Single or Dual outputs supported. UP to three units supported simultaneously.
Berkeley Nucleonics Pulse Generator Four outputs
Keysight 11713A, B or C Ten Position Switch/Attenuator Driver Unit Software is independent of MI-3000 data acquisition. Can be used to configure attenuators or switches prior to an acquisition

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