Large Horizontal XY Positioners

4.0 m x 7.9 m Horizontal XY Positioner
15.2 m x 15.2 m Horizontal XY Positioner 15.2 m x 15.2 m Horizontal XY Positioner 20.4 m x 16.5 m Horizontal XY Positioner


Model: MEC-XYH

The large horizontal XY positioners are ideal for measurement or inspection of articles in horizontal orientation with minimum measurement dimension in either X or Y greater than 7.9 m (26 ft). The large horizontal XY positioners are based on a “H” frame design. The positioners are constructed using two reinforced steel X rails that support a stiff yet light weight Y-bridge on precision bearing rails. The high capacity probe stage can accommodate various types probes. Native accuracy of the XY positioner can be enhanced using optional laser based error correction.

  • Features

    • High planarity & position repeatability
    • 14.0 m x 7.9 m (46 ft x 26 ft) to 20.0 m x 20.0 m (66 ft x 66 ft) scan area
    • Precision rack and pinion drive
    • “H” frame design for high accuracy
    • Ease of assembly and alignment
    • Laser based enhanced accuracy options available

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