Mechanical Products

NSI-MI Technologies offers a full spectrum of positioning products extending from ready-to-fit, single-axis units to completely integrated multi-axis positioning systems. Our products are used in various test and measurement, pointing/tracking, and other general purpose single/multiple payload positioning applications.

Rotary Positioners

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NSI-MI Technologies rotary positioners are engineered to provide the optimum balance of outstanding performance, maximum power-density, and excellent application flexibility. Their highly engineered structures and drive systems provide superior precision motion within compact envelope sizes. We offer a full range of rotary positioners to meet all of your application needs.

Linear Positioners

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NSI-MI's linear positioners range from portable single-axis horizontal slides to multi-axis 28m x 12m precision XY positioners. Linear position repeatability better than ±0.02 mm and planarity better than 0.025 mm RMS is offered in select models.

Engineered Structures

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NSI-MI Technologies is an industry-leading provider of engineered structures. Our expertise in design and analysis allows us to create useful, efficient, and safe structures across a broad spectrum of sizes and applications.

Pointing & Tracking Systems

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Pointing and tracking systems are designed to control the line of sight of an ever increasing array of sensors, weapons and other payloads of all sizes used in scientific military or commercial endeavors.


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