Vector Field Analyzer™

Vector Field Analyzer153;
Vector Field Analyzer153; Vector Field Analyzer153; Vector Field Analyzer153;


Model: ELE-VFA

NSI-MI's Vector Field AnalyzerTM (VFA) incorporates the latest technology for making antenna, radome, and electromagnetic field probing measurements. This simultaneous multi-channel precision measurement receiver adds powerful new capabilities to display polarization parameters. When used with a dual polarized probe, the Vector Field AnalyzerTM measures both polarization ports and calculates key polarization parameters. Results include axial ratio, tilt angle, sense of rotation, and displays of the polarization ellipse. The VFA combines the best RF performance, fastest measurement speed, and most advanced features available in the industry to create the foundation of a state-of-the-art measurement system.


The VFA provides the RF performance characteristics most desirable for measuring electromagnetic fields. In these measurements, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is a key characteristic to determining uncertainty and measurement speed. The inherently low noise floor of the Vector Field AnalyzerTM provides high SNR, resulting in more accurate measurements. Its low noise floor also allows the use of wider IF bandwidths than other instruments for a given SNR. With a 10 dB lower inherent noise floor, a factor of 10 times wider IF bandwidth can be used, resulting in 10 times faster measurement speed. The superior dynamic range and sensitivity of the VFA significantly enhances flexibility and productivity for test ranges.


Radiating fields propagate in three-dimensional space, requiring positioning systems to change the orientation of the probe and/or the device under test. For highest range productivity, one or more axes are moved while fields are being measured. This requires coordination between the test instrumentation and the positioning system. As the probe or antenna under test is moved, each vector field measurement can be associated with a specific location in space. Maximizing the axis speed demands instrumentation with superior measurement speed, data buffering capability, and high continuous throughput.

Many systems also require multi-frequency operation and real-time control of multiplexers for antennas with multiple ports. NSI-MI's Multiplexer products support up to 256 ports per channel. Controlling and synchronizing these test parameters with measurements requires a flexible acquisition controller with precise timing. The Vector Field AnalyzerTM is the instrument that best supports the requirements of the electromagnetic test environment and provides the ideal solution for your measurement needs.

  • Features

    • Industry leading performance with up to 16 million measurements per second
    • Enhanced dynamic range and -126 dBm sensitivity
    • Frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 1 THz
    • Expandable number of simultaneous measurement channels, 2 or 4 per unit
    • Built-in LO/IF distribution components to support remote mixing
    • Internal local oscillator signal source
    • Supports multi-port switching, synchronization and pulse mode options

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