Multi-Channel Extender

Multi-Channel Extender



The Multi-Channel Extender (ELE-VFA-EXT) is designed to combine multiple ELE-VFA Vector Field Analyzers to provide up to twelve simultaneous, phase coherent test channels plus one common reference signal of phase coherent RF data. The Multi-Channel Extender distributes a common IF reference signal, LO Signal and 10 MHz reference signals to each connected VFA.

Having a depth of only 8” and designed for rear rack installation, the compact ELE-VFA-EXT has front panel connections making for easy cabling to the Vector Field Analyzers.

  • Features

    • Combines VFAs to Provide Parallel High-Speed Aquisition Channels
    • Easy Cabling and Connections
    • Compact Design - No Additional Rack Space Needed
    • No Multiplexers Required

    Cabling with multiple VFAs

    Cabling with multiple VFAs

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