Receiver Products

Vector Field Analyzer™

Designed specifically for high performance antenna testing, NSI-MI uses the latest technology to design and manufacture the fastest and most powerful system receivers in the industry. Antennas have become complex and tightly integrate RF system components, requiring more than traditional analog input receivers. NSI-MI’s advanced digital receivers are capable of meeting this need providing analog and digital inputs in additional to features such as pulsed measurement capability and high resolution pulse profiling.

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Vector Field AnalyzerTM

The Vector Field AnalyzerTM provides the RF performance characteristics most desirable for measuring electromagnetic fields.

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Multi-Channel Extender

The Multi-Channel Extender (ELE-VFA-EXT) is designed to combine multiple ELE-VFA Vector Field Analyzers to provide up to twelve simultaneous, phase coherent test channels plus one common reference signal of phasecoherent RF data.

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VFA Adapter Panel

VFA Adapter Panel provides a simple upgrade path to incorporate older multiplexers, provides an interface to tracking instrumentation and has 6 additional multi-configurable BNC connections for supporting third party instrumentation.

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Distributed Frequency Converter

The Distributed Frequency Converter is designed to provide down-conversion of a test and a reference RF signal to a fixed 20 MHz or other IF signal, using remote mixer modules.


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