Range Transition Manager




The Range Transition Manager automates the antenna range configuration, simplifying system operation and increasing throughput. The RTM allows the range operator to switch configurations without changing RF cable connections, thereby reducing errors and improving productivity.

The Range Transition Manager provides a wide range of options for automating any type of large or small antenna range by using the various RTM modules. These modules combine high quality RF components and switches to provide a flexible platform for a wide variety of antenna range configuration control.

The modules consist of switchable amplifiers, couplers, mixers, programmable step attenuators and other basic RF elements that may be combined in a variety of ways to create a highly automated antenna range.

  • Features

    • Modular design supports high level of range automation requirements
    • 0.5 to 18.0 GHz (Higher frequency modules are available upon request)
    • Integrated test & reference mixers
    • Compatible with NSI-MI receivers and Distributed Frequency Converter LO/IF Unit
    • Integrated Test and Reference Mixers connect to the DCF LO/IF Unit with a single cable
    • Test and Reference LO cables do not have to be of the same length
    • Remote operation through standard LAN interface
    • RTM Dynamic Link Library is compatible with NSI2000 script language and can support stand alone applications
    • Includes easy-to-use RTMPanel software
    • Module types include Control, Coupler, Step Attenuator, Receive, Ref Mixer, Second LO Mixer, Test Mixer, Transmit, and TxRx

    RTM System Block Diagram


    The Range Transistion Manager communicates with a host computer using a LAN interface. The message-based protocol and object-oriented software provide a modular, easy-to-use environment for antenna range automation.

    The RTMPanel application provides a virtual front panel for the user to configure and monitor status of the RTM. Multiple RTMs in a system are easily controlled by the RTMPanel software. The NSIRTM.DLL software allows custom automation solutions to be developed for a wide range of platforms including NSI2000 Scripts, VB and VBA.


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