Local Control Unit



Model: ELE-LCU

The ELE-LCU Local Control Unit is a touchscreen tablet PC with a Microsoft Windows® operating system. It’s equipped with a docking station, battery charger, carrying strap, and an adapter for wired Ethernet connection.

The Virtual Control Panel (VCP) software gives flexibility to operate the Local Control Unit for manual control of positioning axes via the Integrated Position Controller and other instrumentation such as the Vector Field AnalyzerTM.

The Local Control Unit supports either wired or wireless Ethernet. For wireless operation, a wireless router must be provided and connected to the private network of a system. The location of the wireless router and the LCU as well as the RF environment and amount of interference may significantly affect the usefulness of wireless operation. Although safety mechanisms will stop motion if the link is interrupted, frequent link interruptions can be a nuisance. If this occurs and cannot be avoided, use wired operation instead.

  • Features

    • Portability
    • Wired or Wireless operation
    • Supports both Manual Operation and Real-Time Monitoring of:
      • Axis Control
      • Axis Select
      • Coarse & Fine Speed Control
      • Direction
      • Axis Limits
    • Motion Modes: Position, Velocity, Torque, Incremental
    • User selectable priority over control from other devices for enhanced safety
    • Safe Communication Link

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