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Model: ELE-HHO

The Handheld Remote Control unit adds the ability to control your near-field scanner up to 30 meters (100 feet) away from the primary system computer. Typical applications allow control of the scanner from inside a chamber, in a lift, or from an AUT or scanner support platform. The Handheld Remote Control allows the operator to move each scanner axis in a specified distance, step by an incremental distance, and display the axis’ current position. The unit is useful for AUT alignment and entering optical data from a theolodite or other optical tooling device. Pressing any key on the remote unit keypad will stop the scanner. Pressing the ‘esc’ key will return control to the primary system computer.

  • Features

    Control is operated from the primary system computer using a RS-232 serial interface. The cable provided with the handheld remote includes a DB-9 male connector to plug into the PC serial port, a power supply adapter, and a RJ-11 connector to plug into the handheld remote. RJ-11 extension cables can be provided up to approximately 30 meters (100 feet).

    Handheld Option Drawing

    Handheld Option Drawing

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