Antenna Range Controller

Antenna Range Controller


Model: ELE-ARC

The Antenna Range Controller (ELE-ARC) is a 4-axis stepper motor control interface allowing control of up to 4 motors or motion stages. In a typical antenna measurement system, these axes would enable computer-controlled motion in X, Y, Z and POL (probe rotation) directions. Below is a block diagram of such a typical antenna measurement system, showing how the ELE-ARC connects to the other system components. The Antenna Range Controller is typically controlled by a general-purpose digital I/O card located in the NSI-MI motion controller, but can also be controlled directly by TTL step and direction commands from other sources.

  • Features

    • 4-axis control
    • Stepper motor control for motors up to 7 amps
    • Forward/reverse limit switch interface for each axis
    • Control of locking brake, used for braking Y-axis motion when powered off
    • Safety interlock system
    • Parallel I/O interface for PC control
    • 8 bits parallel output on DB25f auxiliary ports

    ARC in Typical Application

    ARC in Typical Application

    Rear Panel of ARC


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