Auxiliary Controller

Auxiliary Controller
Auxiliary Controller


Model: MI-789

Our Auxiliary Controller (MI-789) provides extended capability for more complex measurement systems using legacy NSI-MI or VNA based systems. Besides the multi-frequency, multi-port acquisition capability, the MI-789 adds multi-beam control and triggering to the real-time data acquisition process. The beam steering interface includes two ports that can be connected to the user’s equipment to signal a change in beam state. This enables multi-beam measurements to be made on-the-fly in the same way that basic multi-frequency, multi-port measurements can be made.

The MI-789 also provides more control over the acquisition process, allowing the sequence of measurement conditions to be optimized for the fastest acquisition process. The order in which beams, channels, and frequencies are switched can be configured so that slower switching devices are changed less often. This effectively optimizes acquisition speed for the types of devices used in a given test.

  • Specifications

    Control Interfaces Description
    Control Interfaces 10/100BaseT Ethernet using TCP/IP
    VNA Interface 10/100BaseT Ethernet using TCP/IP
    Trigger Bus Interface Provides Four Differential Real-Time
    Signals Programmable Pulse Width:
    Frequency Trigger
    Measurement Trigger
    Maximum Range: 65.5 mS, Resolution: 1 uS
    Maximum Range: 65.5 mS, Resolution: 1 uS
    Beam Steering Control Interfaces (2 ports)
    Control Signals
    Logic Level
    DC Power
    16 bits, Parallel Output
    Strobe Output, Input Acknowledgment
    Differential LVTTL (RS-422 Compatible)
    +/- 18 VDC
    Programmable Timing:
    Strobe Out Pulse Width
    Data to Strobe Delay (with Sync)
    Data to Strobe Delay (no Sync)
    Maximum Range: 65.5 mS, Resolution: 1 uS
    Maximum Range: 65.5 mS, Resolution: 1 uS
    Maximum Range: 65.5 mS, Resolution: 1 uS
    Multiplexer Interfaces (2 ports)
    Control Signals
    Logic Level
    DC Power
    Legacy MI Multiplexers (MI-759 Series)
    2 Bits per Port
    Differential RS-422 Compatible
    +/- 18 VDC
    Auxiliary BNC Interfaces (2)
    Control Signals Programmable as Input or Output
    Timing Latency Delay
    Hardware Input Response
    Hardware Output Response
    VNA Read after Sweep Complete
    1 uS max.
    1 uS max.
    8 mS typica
    AC Power Requirements 90 -264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, 3.5A
    Environmental 0-95% Humidity, Non-Condensing

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