Electronic Products

Vector Field Analyzer™

NSI-MI's electronic products are custom-designed for fast and accurate data acquisition. Our products are application-specific and represent the leading edge of technology in terms of speed and accuracy. The goal is to ensure that our customers gain the most from their investment and provide best-in-class measurement systems. Our electronic products are compatible with prior generation NSI-MI Technologies' instrumentation and also with many third party instruments.

Receiver Products

Designed specifically for high performance antenna testing, NSI-MI uses the latest technology to design and manufacture the fastest and most powerful system receivers in the industry. Antennas have become complex and tightly integrate RF system components, requiring more than traditional analog input receivers. NSI-MI’s advanced digital Receivers are capable of meeting this need providing analog and digital inputs in additional to features such as pulsed measurement capability and high resolution pulse profiling.

Vector Field AnalyzerTM
Multi-Channel Extender
VFA Adapter Panel
Distributed Frequency Converter

Synthesized Signal Sources

NSI-MI’s synthesized signal sources provide fast, accurate and economical signal generation solutions for a wide range of test and measurement applications. These sources are designed to be used in test and measurement situations where speed is paramount. Sources can also be located remotely, to support our distributed solutions, making them ideal for all RF measurement applications.

Signal Sources

Measurement Control

NSI-MI Technologies’ precision measurement control products are well established in the RF test and measurement market and while our strength is in antenna, radome and RCS measurements our position controllers have gained acceptance in the fields of general instrumentation and manufacturing. Our position controllers offer coupled, multi-axis control of servo and stepper motors and allow for encoder and laser interferometer feedback integration.

Vector Measurement Controller

Servo Motors Position Control
Integrated Position Controller

Advanced AUT Control

NSI-MI offers extended capabilities for control of customer AUT’s during the acquisition process. Our position controllers allow for multi-frequency, multi-port acquisition capability. Our advanced controllers enhance these systems to add multi-beam control of AUT’s during the real-time data acquisition process. These controllers also offer digital data interfaces for DBF antennas.

Generic Beam Controller
Auxiliary Controller

Range Automation

Although automation has shown to dramatically improve range productivity, most of today’s antenna ranges are still reconfigured manually. NSI-MI offer a series of products to not only automate RF test systems, but also overcome the significant challenges of losses in large chambers, which is inevitable as test frequencies increase. This type of range automation offers an optimized distributed RF solution and the convenience of automated transmit/receive switching (or power meter insertion, for instance) and reduces risk by removing the need for manual reconfiguration of test systems.

Transmit Receive Unit
Range Transition Manager


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