Range Relocation

Range Relocation

Whether you move your range because of rapid growth, reorganization, or the purchase of another company’s assets, the sensitive nature of the range equipment quickly rules out the use of a commercial moving company. You need a relocation service that understands every aspect of your individual test range to ensure that all of the equipment survives the move and performs to your satisfaction at the new location. NSI-MI Technologies is the leader in range relocation services. We have relocated more range types and configurations than anyone in the industry.


  • Complex simulation and analysis tools, regional demographics and topographic information, and extensive experience with real world electromagnetic propagation
  • Provide turn-key installations managed by a quality project management process


NSI-MI Technologies offers both turn-key and “a-la-carte” service to fit your individual relocation requirements. We can perform specific tasks associated with the move or we can manage the entire project from start to finish. We specialize in turn-key relocation project management, including site preparation and construction.

If you prefer to handle the move yourself, we can provide guidance and the direction necessary for proper disassembly, crating, uncrating, reassembly or any other aspect of the project.


During a range move, our primary concerns are care of your range equipment, safety, and the accurate performance of the relocated range. Our experienced project managers and skilled technicians are fully dedicated to each move. NSI-MI Technologies will relocate the range efficiently, install the equipment at its new site, and demonstrate performance that meets or exceeds that of the existing range.


The key to a successful range move is a careful baseline effort. Probing for amplitude and phase to characterize the electromagnetic performance of the range establishes both a baseline for the measurement system and the minimum requirements for installation at the new site. To enrich the baseline, we can perform pattern tests and any other system mechanical, electrical or electromagnetic tests as required.


There is never a good time to interrupt operations to relocate a range. If you have important testing that must be performed during your range move, consider NSI-MI Technologies’ Test Services. Our state-of-the-art ranges are available to your organization, minimizing the impact of the move on your testing schedule. NSI-MI Technologies has been accredited by A2LA for antenna testing calibration and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has verified that we meet the requirements under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Conditions for a range move are rarely ideal. Staging and storage areas for relocated equipment are not always available. NSI-MI Technologies pays particular attention to the timing of the dismantling process and to the packaging and inventory of equipment to reassure that all equipment is carefully removed, packed, crated, and prepared for safe shipment to the new site. Whether the move is across the country or across the world, NSI-MI Technologies carefully coordinates trucks, cranes, forklifts, and manlifts to deliver the range at the new site on time for a smooth installation.

After installation, we focus and align the range and perform electromagnetic probe and pattern tests in the designated frequency bands. We can perform any other special tests you may require, such as “gold-standard” antenna tests necessary for government or industry certification laboratories. If requested, we can perform additional tests to characterize any individual errors contributing to overall measurement errors. Such tests include leakage tests, VSWR measurements of a near-field probe, DUT, signal generator, and dynamic range and linearity measurements of the receiver. We can further test the impact of cable flex, probe alignment, or any other aspect that you deem important.


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