Facility & Range Design

AUT Positioner Stack Spherical Near Field Arch Scanner

NSI-MI Technologies helped define the concept of range measurements more than 60 years ago and continues to be the leader in facility design services.

Test facility design is a complex undertaking and there are numerous factors in planning a new facility. The electromagnetic qualities of the intended test articles must be considered as well as their mechanical features and system requirements. Environmental and economic constraints, test objectives, and accuracy requirements also must be carefully analyzed.


  • Industry experts in outdoor range and anechoic chamber design
  • In-house tools for reflectivity calculation
  • Experienced design for all range types including:
    • Outdoor Range
    • Rectangular Indoor Far-Field Range
    • Tapered Far-Field Range
    • Compact Range
    • Near-Field Range


Performing a professional site survey and selection process is critically important to a new facility, whether indoors or in the field. NSI-MI Technologies performs this service using complex simulation and analysis tools, regional demographics and topographic information, and extensive experience with real world electromagnetic propagation. NSI-MI can find the optimal location or verify the validity of another design consultant’s opinion. This service is provided quickly and economically.


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