Equipment Refurbishment

Equipment Refurbishment

Like-New For Longer Useful Service

NSI-MI Technologies has successfully refurbished equipment over 30 years old to a like-new state for useful service. Our thorough inspection and repair work often results in better performance from your equipment. Refurbishment services include:

  • Mechanical Rework
  • Cable Replacement
  • Motor Refurbishment
  • Computer System Enhancements or Processing Speed Upgrades


  • Save 30-40% over the cost of new equipment
  • Standard factory warranty offered on all parts and work performed
  • Successfully refurbished equipment over 30 years old to a like-new state
  • Solutions to avoid testing disruption


NSI-MI offers this service to its customers who have a need to refurbish or upgrade their existing systems. This service is for customers whose methods of testing have changed, or seek cost effective ways to extend older system life usage. Programs are offered covering both NSI-MI Positioners and other manufacturers products.

The skill and experience of our refurbishment service technicians are so extensive we can ensure that each system we refurbish will perform to original OEM specifications. We have such confidence in our refurbishment services; we offer a standard factory warranty on all parts and work performed in a refurbishment.


If your equipment is critical to your operations, we offer two solutions to avoid program suspension:

Outsource Testing: Consider outsourcing your testing at NSI-MI Technologies’ test range facilities. We offer a full suite of flexible test services. For more details see our Test Services catalog.

Rental Units: We provide a comparable unit for use at your test range during the refurbishment. Models available for rental are limited; so plan your rental well in advance.


We also offer numerous other service options during equipment refurbishment, from baseline tests prior to disassembly and post-installation baseline confirmation tests to system upgrades and training. In addition, we can re-install, focus, realign, and re-probe the range after any refurbishment.


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