Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Services

Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Services

NSI-MI's Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Service will help you insure your test range provides you with the optimum and documented performance for your antenna and RCS measurement facility. NSI-MI engineers will bring a quiet zone field probe on-site to your facility and characterize the amplitude and phase flatness of the quiet zone in your indoor or outdoor far-field range or your Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Our analysis capability with the 2D scanned data will also allow the identification of scattering sources and RF leakages.

  • Features

    Consider when:

    • Probing of quiet zone area for amplitude and phase ripple
    • 2-D CW SAR imaging of reflections in chamber
    • Report on range performance and recommendations for improvements
    • Isolation of leakage and reflections in chamber
    • Determination of faulty RF equipment
    • Summary report of data and recommendations for improvement
    • Facility configuration often changes significantly
    • Adding new test equipment
    • Before beginning a new testing program
    • Performing system level tests and suspect leakages
    • Outside interference is suspected
    • Have not evaluated range performance in some time
    • Planning to relocate the test facility
    • Complying with government range performance specifications
    • Undergoing full commissioning of a new installation
    • Re-establishing or confirming performance specifications
    • Detecting anomalies in measured antenna, radome, or RCS patterns and suspect range


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