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NSI-MI's customer support services leverage years of engineering knowledge and experience in antenna, radome, and RCS measurements. There are a multitude of ways to access these services in order to make incremental improvements to your range efficiency. Whether you are seeking short-term or more permanent support, NSI-MI has the service to address your needs.

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Support Plans

Designed for organizations whose range is critical to their success, TechCareTM assures maximum uptime and performance from NSI-MI Technologies’ equipment.

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Software Maintenance Plans

The performance of your range operations depends on well-maintained hardware and software.

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Precision Alignment Services

Our precision alignment service reduces measurement time, required personnel, and costs.

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Chamber Imaging and Range Probing Services

NSI-MI Technologies offers precision field probe measurements, probe data analysis and longitudinal pattern comparison testing designed for any type of range.

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Equipment Refurbishment

NSI-MI Technologies has successfully refurbished equipment over 30 years old to a like-new state for useful service.

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Range Relocation

During a range move, our primary concerns are care of your range equipment, safety, and the accurate performance of the relocated range.

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Maximizing Range Productivity

If you are aware of an aging product and its planned obsolescence, NSI-MI can provide a migration path to upgrade the equipment to the latest technology available.

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Facility & Range Design

NSI-MI Technologies helped define the concept of range measurements more than 60 years ago, and continues to be the leader in facility design services.

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Standard Warranty Services

Our expert field service professionals are available to assist with any maintenance issue, installation, or on-site technical assistance.


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