Performance Considerations for Pulsed Antenna Measurements

Author: David S. Fooshe
Publication: AMTA 2008
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

Previous AMTA papers have discussed pulsed antenna measurements and the importance of parameters such as pulse width, pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and receiver dynamic range in determining the appropriate technique for performing pulsed measurements. Typically, the pulse width and PRF determine the IF bandwidth required of the instrumentation receiver to achieve a specific level of receiver performance. Less emphasis has been given to the receiver timing and synchronization required to achieve optimum performance for a full pulsed antenna measurement scenario.

This paper will discuss receiver timing considerations and show examples of scan time performance during highspeed pulsed measurements. Inter-pulse and intra-pulse measurements will be compared with respect to their impact on measurement time. Pulse profile measurements will be examined to show the importance of a fast synchronous receiver for sub-microsecond pulse characterization. Pulsed antenna pattern results will also be presented and compared with CW measurements.


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