Experimental Validation of the NF-FF Transformation with Helicoidal Scanning Suitable for Elongated Antennas

Authors: F. D’Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, R. Guerriero, J.A. Fordham, M. Migliozzi, C. Rizzo
Publication: AMTA 2008
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

In this work an experimental validation of the nearfield – far-field transformation technique with helicoidal scanning tailored for elongated antennas is provided. Such a transformation relies on the theoretical results relevant to the nonredundant sampling representations of the electromagnetic fields and makes use of an optimal sampling interpolation algorithm, which allows the reconstruction of the near-field data needed by the near-field – far-field transformation with cylindrical scan. In such a case, a prolate ellipsoid is employed to model an elongated antenna, instead of the sphere adopted in the previous approach. It is so possible to consider measurement cylinders with a diameter smaller than the source height, thus reducing the error related to the truncation of the scanning surface. The comparison of the reconstructions obtained from the data directly measured on the classical cylindrical grid with those recovered from the nonredundant measurements on the helix assesses the validity of this innovative scanning technique.


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