TRW’s New Compact Antenna Test Range

Authors: Jeff Way, Bill Griffin, Mark Bellman, Randy Smith

TRW, working with several subcontractors, is building a Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) in one of its existing buildings. This range will replace the function of a two mile long far-field range. Lehman Chambers Corp. provided the CATR Anechoic Chamber with Cuming Corp. Microwave Absorber. Mission Research Corp. provided the CATR Rolled Edge Reflector and feeds. M.I. Technologies is configuring TRW supplied positioners with new translators for AUT positioning. The system will operate with both the M.I. Technologies 3000 System software and TRW software. We will be using an existing S/A 1795 receiver for the RF portion of the system with HP sources. Completion of the range is scheduled by the beginning of the 4th quarter 2000.

This paper will provide an overview of the system design and constraints. Individual portions of the CATR will be described in detail including decisions made to reduce the overall cost of the system and fit into an existing budget.



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