2000 Technical Papers

Raytheon 23' x 22' 50GHZ Pulse System

Authors: Terry Speicher, Angelo Puzella, Joseph K. Mulcahey
Publication: AMTA 2000
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

Nearfield Systems, Inc. in Carson, California delivered a vertical 23’ by 22’ (7.0m x 6.7m) near-field test range to Raytheon Electronic Systems in Sudbury, Massachusetts. This planar and cylindrical measurement system is capable of characterizing antennas of various physical sizes in continuous wave or in pulse mode from 800MHz to 50GHz. The near-field measurements are computer controlled and capable of multiple frequency, multiple beam and multiple polarization in AUT transmit or receive modes. The precision robotic system uses a Data Acquisition Controller running NSI software to provide four-axes for probe positioning and three-axes for antenna positioning. The RF subsystem is based on the HP 8530A microwave receiver, HP 83630B RF source, HP 83621A LO source and HP 85309A LO/IF Distribution Unit. The test range was evaluated using the NIST 18-term error analysis on a 45GHz 54” diameter left-hand circular polarized reflector antenna.



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