1992 Technical Papers

Validation Testing of the Planar Near-Field Range Facility at SPAR Aerospace Limited

Authors: W. Keith Dishman, Sidney J. Manning
Publication: AMTA 1992
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

A series of measurement were made to validate the performance of a Planar Near-Field (PNF) Antenna Test Range located at the Satellite and Aerospace Systems Division of Spar Aerospace Limited. These measurements were made as a part of a contract to provide Spar with a Model 2095 Microwave Measurement System with planar near-field software options and related instrumentation and hardware.

The range validation consisted of a series of self-tests and far-field pattern comparison tests using a planar array antenna provided by Spar that had been independently calibrated at another range facility.

This paper describes the range validation tests and presents some of the results. Comparisons of far-field patterns measured on the validation antenna at both the Spar PNF facility and another antenna range are presented.



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