High Speed, Multi Frequency Measurements

Authors: 0. M. Caldwell
Publication: AMTA 1989
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

Precise and complete measurements of advanced electromagnetic systems demand dramatically higher data acquisition speeds than those commonly attainable. Specific challenges include requirements for wideband measurements with arbitrarily spaced frequency steps. These types of measurements are often encountered in characterizing EW/ECM systems, radars, communications systems, and in performing antenna and RCS measurements.

The MI Technologies Model 1795 Microwave Receiver offers capabilities directly applicable to solving measurement problems posed by highly frequency agile systems. These problems include: <0l>

  • timing constraints
  • data throughput
  • RF interfacing
  • maintaining high accuracy
  • A technique is discussed which shows the application of the Model 1795 Microwave Receiver in its high frequency agility mode of operation. Measurement examples are presented showing the advantages gained compared to previous methods and instrumentation configurations.



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