A Serrated-Edge Virtual Vertex Compact Range Reflector

Author: Doren W. Hess
Publication: AMTA 1988
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

In this presentation we consider the features and performance of a large serrated-edge compact range reflector. This is a straightforward innovation from earlier compact range reflectors. The virtual vertex reflector is a paraboloidal surface truncated to exclude the vertex. This layout provides the advantages of better use of reflector surface are, reduced feed blockage, and reduced feed backscatter. The design is made economical by the use of serrations.


Recent Advances in Millimeter Wave Antenna Measurement Instrumentation

Author: Carl W. Sirles
Publication: AMTA 1988
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

This paper describes recent advances in antenna measurement instrumentation for millimeter frequency applications. Application of a new, lightweight, programmable, ruggedized signal source at 40 and 60 GHz is outlined. An RF instrumentation system for millimeter frequency antenna range application is detailed. A millimeter-to-microwave converter is described which improves millimeter antenna range performance. System performance levels are predicted. Compact range configuration and operation at millimeter frequencies is detailed. Specific measurement examples are presented to demonstrate the measurement sensitivity which can be achieved.


A Modular Positioner Control System

Author: William L. Tuttle
Publication: AMTA 1988
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

A variety of positioner control systems are available for making antenna and RCS measurements, but few can be upgraded economically as test facilities are expanded. Positioner control system components may include a controller, positioner motor drive unit, and a position indicator. Integration of these functional components into a single modular unit to operate the desired number of axes provides the basis for a positioner control system. Other desired features may include programmability, remotability, operation outdoors, and expansion capability.

This paper will address the development of a modular positioner control system that provides users with a basic system that can economically be upgraded as changing test requirements dictate. Functional capabilities such as remotability will be highlighted. System configuration and integration will also be discussed.


Time Gating of Antenna Measurments II

Authors: Doren W. Hess, Victor Farr
Publication: AMTA 1988
Copyright Owner: NSI-MI Technologies

Currently many new compact range facilities are being constructed for making antenna pattern measurements indoors. Limited suppression of stray signals -- due to range layout, confined surroundings and residual absorbing material reflectivity -- represents a limitation on the accuracy of the measurements made in these facilities. Time-gating of the compact range signal appears to be very attractive technique to reduce unwanted reflections.

The authors have carried out an experimental investigation of time gating in a compact range. it is demonstrated that time-gating can improve the uniformity of the aperture field by removing the feed backlobe radiation; and, it is demonstrated that time-gating can remove the effects on a pattern of certain room reflections and of feed backlobes.

When compared to conventional methods of reducing reflections based on placement of absorber, time gating appears equivalent. It does not appear however that time gating improves the conventional methods, except for measuring wide beamwidth antennas.

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