Military Radome Test Systems

Military Radome Test Systems
Military Radome Test Systems Total Boresight Shift Boresight Shift


Typically, military radome test systems are custom engineered solutions developed to radome specific test requirements. NSI-MI makes maximum utilization of standard product building blocks:

  • Compact Range Reflectors
  • Arena and Radome Analysis Software
  • Vector Field AnalyzerTM
  • High Speed Microwave Source
  • Integrated Positioner Controller
  • Mechanical Products

Radome effects, including BSE, TE, Pattern Distortion, Reflectivity, and Cross-Polarization, are measured by first establishing reference performance without a radome and then measuring the same factors with the radome mounted over the radar antenna and comparing the difference between the two sets of data. This difference is then compared to Pass/Fail criteria to determine acceptance.

  • Features

    • BSE & TE can be measured simultaneously in One Complete Radome Scan
    • NSI-MI supports either Electronically calibrated antenna or null search BSE test method
    • Data post processing and reporting in test positioner Roll/AZ coordinates or aircraft EL/AZ coordinates
    • Antenna oriented within radome as it would be on aircraft
    • Integrated Position Controller's coordinated motion used to ensure that the radome/antenna polarization relationship is the same as that seen in use on the aircraft, and so that the feed polarization is coordinated with the AUT as needed to maintain polarization alignment
    • Typical test time for simultaneous BSE and TE is about 1 hour for the calibrated antenna approach
    • BSE & TE measurement at multiple frequencies are accomplished in one radome scan without manual intervention
    • Full suits of pattern distortion data collection and analysis

    Challenges of Military Radome Measurement Systems

    • Transmission Efficiency (TE): Accuracy +/- 0.02 dB
    • Boresight Shift Error (BSE): Accuracy +/- 0.1 mrad
    • Pattern Distortion: +/- 0.5 dB
    • Reflectivity: | Γ | Accuracy +/-0.1

    Accuracy & Stability

    • Optional Time Domain Analysis software to mitigate stray signals
    • Innovative cable management design essentially eliminates moving cables LO power to signal and reference mixers automatically varied with frequency to continually optimize linearity of the receiver
    • Positioner structure specifically designed for torsional and bending stiffness Positioner structure specifically designed for torsional and bending stiffness
    • Mixer and Multiplexer mounted near the antenna
    • Pre-loaded bearings with very low radial and axial run out
    • Positioner Error Correction if needed
    • Zero backlash through use of direct drive and torque bias
    • Optional automated quarter wave movement of feed to average-out standing wave errors


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