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Active Antenna Load Management
Active Antenna Load Management (Front-Left View) Active Antenna Load Management (Rear-Left View) Active Antenna Load Management (Rear View)


Model: AALM

NSI-MI Technologies' Broadband Horn Antennas (ANT-BHA) are suitable for a wide variety of applications that require stable antenna performance over extremely broad frequency bandwidths. The best in class radiation patterns remain consistent across the operating frequency band for applications that require broadband performance. Each model is also designed to maintain VSWR across the complete frequency bandwidth.

NSI-MI Technologies offers a series of active antenna load management (AALM) products to address this need. The AALM forms an RF test enclosure and allows users to test their active antennas in a controlled indoor production environment. These test enclosures can be unshielded or customized to form a tight RF shield around the antenna perimeter. Multiple RF test enclosures of varying sizes can be built and stacked together to test multiple primary and secondary arrays, if needed. Testing can consist of an ON/OFF test at full power, or a more complex test of antenna features during production.



  • Production phased array antenna testing
  • RF power monitoring and control
  • Compact radiation test environment
  • Ensures facility and personnel safety


  • An integrated gain standard for quick antenna gain verification
  • One or more RF sensors for power level verification of the antenna
  • High power RF absorber (with optional forced air cooling)
  • Honeycomb air vents equipped with exhaust air fans
  • EMI gasket to ensure RF attenuation to safe levels
  • RF and Motion safety monitor
  • Fire monitoring and suppression system
  • RF safety shutoff system
  • Infrared camera for power level monitoring

The NSI-MI AALM products are lined with pyramidal microwave absorber. This material typically can withstand 0.8kW/m2 (0.5W/in2) of RF power absorption without any forced air cooling. High power absorber allows for 8kW/m2 (5W/in2) of RF power absorption with forced air cooling. These high-power solutions require careful temperature monitoring, fire detection and suppression systems as well as automated emergency shut-offs. Two typical AALM systems are described below.

16 Gain Standards

16 Gain Standards

Front view of AALM showing 16 integrated gain standards, one RF radiation sensor and copper gasketing around the edges.
Integrated Gain

Integrated Gain

Image showing the integrated gain standards before installation of the RF radiation sensor.
Stand and Structure

Stand and Structure

Side view of the AALM showing the stand and structure of both enclosures.
X-Band Operation

X-Band Operation

X-band operation of high power radar antenna.
Dimensions are roughly 2m (W) x 2m (H) x 3m (L)


Wall of enclosure diagram



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