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If you think you've seen big, meet the World's Largest HPNF

66 ft (20 m) x 66 ft (20 m)
Horizontal Near-Field Planar Scanner

NSI-MI Technologies has delivered more Near-Field Measurement Systems than ALL of our competitors combined. We are pioneers in the antenna measurement industry and continue to prove it by successfully delivering innovative programs.

NSI-MI offers a wide selection of Horizontal Scanners with scan lengths from 6 ft (1.8 m) to 66 ft (20 m). Our turn-key solutions incorporate sound mechanical design to provide positioners that can meet requirements at high frequencies without corrections.

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We can go bigger

108 ft (33 m) x 52 ft (15.8 m)
Vertical Planar Near-Field Solutions

With systems installed all over the world, NSI-MI is the leading supplier of Vertical Planar Near-Field Systems. Offering standard scan dimensions from a 1 ft (0.3 m) x 1 ft (0.3 m) tabletop system to 108 ft (33 m) x 52 ft (15.8 m), our vertical solutions can be adjusted to fit an exact scanning solution to any unique needs. When combined with our closed-loop positioner control solutions, these scanners offer industry-leading uncorrected position accuracy of better than 0.002 inches (0.05 mm).

Los Angeles

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