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NSI-MI Technologies’ Commercial Radome Systems are intended for after-repair testing of commercial aircraft radomes. The systems are capable of making measurements described in the widely referenced document DO-213. After repair, radome testing is usually, but not always, limited to transmission efficiency. Sidelobe Level (SLL) measurements are also available if the radomes are being tested in a Quality Assurance / Production test environment. Test systems are available in both C band (5.3 GHz to 5.74 GHz) and X band (9.3 GHz to 9.5 GHz) frequency ranges.

  • Features

    NSI-MI Technologies offers a complete line of products for testing commercial radomes. Our solutions can be configured to provide an RTCA/DO-213 compliant electromagnetic test facility to test for the requirements contained in Section 2.2 of the standard. A turn-key test system or individual product solution can be provided to help the user develop a test plan.

    • Highly accurate and repeatable results
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Low cost
    • Scalable system allows for future expansion
    • System software generates automatic test results
    • Test system supports all current radome sizes
    • Most affordable system on the market today
    • Guaranteed test results that meet or exceed RTCA/DO-213


    • Complete assurance of fidelity and accuracy of requirements
    • NSI-MI Technologies is a partner who can help customers through the entire process over the radome test system life cycle
    • Most affordable system on the market today
    • Guaranteed test results that meet or exceed RTCA/DO-213

    RF Stability

    • DO-213 requires system level repeatability of +/-2% power or less than +/- 0.08dB throughout the span of the radome test.

    Key Features that enhance RF fidelity

    • No moving cables in our system
    • Highly repeatable rotary joints in the two antenna axes (no other moving RF parts)
    • Antenna alignment does not depend on radomepositioner accuracy or dynamics
    • System antenna and range are precisely and permanently aligned
    • Built-in compensation for drift in source, cables, and amplifier


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