Radome Measurement Systems

Today’s military and commercial aircraft carry a vast array of antennas for specialized and vital functions. Communications, navigation, weather and fire control antennas must perform as specified to meet safety and mission requirements. Radomes must conceal and protect antennas without interfering with or degrading transmit/receive capabilities.

Radome Test Systems and Products

Owning Your Own… A turn-key test system can be provided to help you develop a test plan….in your own facility!
You need after-repair testing on your premise capable of making measurements described in the widely referenced document RTCA/DO-213.


  • Complete Assurance of Fidelity and Accuracy of Requirements
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • You’ll have NSI-MI as a partner who can help you through the entire process from program inception and over the radome system life cycle
  • Low Cost - You get the most affordable system on the market today
  • Test results capable of meeting or exceeding RTCA/DO-213
  • System software generates automatic test results
  • It’s scalable! You are capable of future expansion.
  • No more shipping to and from a test facility
  • It’s Yours! Turn your down-time into a return by offering your own test services.

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Radome Testing Services In One of NSI-MI’s On-Premise Ranges

If you want your radome tested at a facility that offers years of experience and cross-industry expertise from DO-213 to full military requirements, NSI-MI Technologies has the ranges to provide the services you need. We offer an in-house compact range with a 6 foot cylindrical quiet zone that includes a full suite of RF and microwave instrumentation, and data analysis tools with dedicated positioning equipment. Our instrumentation is calibrated to NIST standards, providing you the confidence in the accuracy of the tests. We are, also, ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

NSI-MI Technologies offers dedicated radome testing equipment, instrumentation and solutions to achieve compliance with RTCA/DO-213 requirements.


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