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Reflections in antenna test ranges can often be the largest source of measurement errors, dominating all other error sources. The MARS Reflection Suppression Software uses a new technique developed by NSI to suppress reflections from many sources in far-field ranges, and cylindrical & spherical near-field antenna test ranges. The technique, named Mathematical Absorber Reflection Suppression (MARS), is a post-processing technique that involves analysis of the measured data and a special filtering process to suppress the undesirable scattered signals. The technique is a general technique that can be applied to any spherical range. It has been used in a large hemispherical automotive antenna range implemented by NSI-MI for Nippon Antenna in Itzehoe Germany (link), as well as for many other customers. It has also been applied to extend the useful frequency range of microwave absorber in anechoic chambers.

  • Features

    • Database structure with sorting, filtering, and user query capability
    • Simultaneous analysis of multiple files and beams
    • "Movie" mode for analysis of multiple beam and multiple frequency data
    • Multiple dockable windows for database, plots, data and scripts
    • Contour plot overlay for beams/freqs & graphical markers on plots
    • Detached plot module with ability to independently change plot parameter types, scaling, NF/FF/HOLO domain, etc.
    • Multiple monitor support / multiple 3D plots
    • Save and restore all plot viewing windows including detached plots
    • Save processed far-field and holo results for fast analysis and presentation
    • Auto Phase center determination
    • Beam pointing calculator
    • NSI Script Library
    • Automated null depth capability
    • Automated boresighting (pointing) analysis
    • Data file editing via Excel
    • Rotating linear CP capability


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